100 Gallon In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tank System - TRAX 4


100 Gallon In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tank System - TRAX 4

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Dimensions: 60.75"L x 26.75"W x 22.75"H
Fits: 2008-23 Ford, 2010-23 GM, 2010-23 Dodge/Ram
100 Gallon In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tank System - TRAX 4 Part # 0800116758
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Product Description

Miami to Chicago without stopping for fuel? That's no big deal for you when you install the impressive 100-gallon auxiliary. This tank is our biggest in-bed auxiliary fuel tank, holding up to 100 gallons of additional fuel to go the distance without needing to stop for fuel. The auxiliary system is computer-controlled by our patented TRAX 4™ operating system with patented AutoTrans® technology. Computer-controlled automatic fuel transfers mean worry-free operation, and much safer and more reliable operations than gravity fed systems.

Want to know the status of your on-board fuel systems? Simply download the TRAX 4™ app to your smart phone and enter your vehicle and fuel system information. In no time, you’ll be able to monitor your pickup’s fuel capacity! During fuel transfer, the message “PUMP ON” will be displayed. You also have the option of displaying either the gallons or the percentage of fuel in each tank.

If you prefer not to use our TRAX 4™ app with your auxiliary tank but still want to know how much fuel you have, Transfer Flow offers an in-cab fuel level monitor LCD. The LCD shows the fuel level of the auxiliary tank with an easy-to-read bar graph that decreases when fuel is transferred to the pickup’s main fuel tank. This item is sold separately.

Transfer Flow fuel tanks are built from high-yield U.S. aluminized steel; and powder coated black for superior corrosion resistance and strength.

View our TRAX 4™ User's Guide for more information.

TRAX 4 App Download:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Intermotive.trax4

Apple IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/trax4/id1526380550

NOTE: Product dimensions include 1 1/2" in width for the mounting brackets and 3" in height for the filler neck.


- Recommended for drivers with long or flat bed trucks who want maximum onboard fuel capacity in an attractive and durable aluminum tank system build for the long haul

- Won't interfere with standard 5th wheel hitch

- Robot-welded seams provide extraordinary strength, unlike rotationally molded plastic tanks or cheaper steel brands

- Our fuel tank systems include all components needed for installation

- TRAX 4™ computer-controlled automatic fuel transfers for worry-free operation with exclusive AutoTrans® technology

- Built from ReliaSteel®, high-yield U.S. aluminized steel powder coated black for superior durability and strength

- Baffled to prevent fuel sloshing

- 6 year, unlimited mile warranty

- Made in the USA

- Optional upgrade: spray-on-textured coating

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight: 264 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 77.5 "L × 31.75"W × 28"H

All Transfer Flow fuel tanks systems ship via freight. The freight shipment will need to be signed for, so make sure someone is ready to unload, inspect, and receive the order. Product damage or missing items must be noted BEFORE the product is signed for or refused. Visit Shipping & Returns for more details.


Install at Transfer Flow
If you are interested in visiting our manufacturing facility in Chico, California, we’d be happy to install your new fuel tank system for you. While you’re here enjoy a facility tour, learn how our fuel tanks are made, and meet the craftsmen behind the product.

Locate an Installer Near You
With more than 325 qualified installers across the country, it’s easy to locate an installer near you. Order your Transfer Flow fuel tank through us and have it shipped to your selected installer or order a fuel tank through the installer directly.

Do-It-Yourself Installation
If you want to get your hands dirty, you can easily install the fuel tank yourself. Our tank systems come with comprehensive step-by-step instructions to make installation a breeze. We also have installation videos on our YouTube channel to walk you through each step of the process.

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