A Transfer Flow refueling tank and tool box combo is perfect for on-the-go refueling and securely storing gear. Whether you need to refuel your equipment on a job site or just want a convenient and secure way to transport your fuel and supplies, this combo is the perfect solution.

Each refueling tank and tool box combo is more than just durable, it's a fortress for your fuel and gear. Constructed from high-quality aluminized steel for durability and corrosion resistance, it features a locking lid that ensures your fuel and gear stay safe and secure. The tanks are DOT-compliant and legal to carry and dispense gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, and are available in 40, 70, and 100 gallons.

Our refueling tank and tool box combos are proudly made in the USA, using American-made aluminized steel. Each fuel tank system comes with all the necessary parts for installation, including a GPI® 12-volt refueling pump, 12 ft. hose with nozzle, fuel cap, wiring harness with cab-mounted power switch, and mounting hardware. The fuel tank's internal baffles provide extra strength and durability.

Don't settle for flimsy containers and insecure storage solutions when you can have the peace of mind and convenience of a Transfer Flow refueling tank and tool box combo. Invest in one today and take the hassle out of refueling and transporting your gear on the go!

40 Gallon Refueling Tank & Tool Box Combo

Our 40-gallon refueling tank and tool box combo is the perfect solution for drivers who want a mobile refueling station plus extra storage space.

70 Gallon Refueling Tank & Tool Box Combo

Maximize bed space with our 70-gallon refueling tank and tool box combo! The tool box sits on the bed rails and adjusts to the depth of your pickup bed.

100 Gallon L-Shaped Refueling Tank System - Gas, Diesel, Kerosene

The design of the 100-gallon L-shaped refueling tank fits under most over-the-rail tool box configurations while providing 100 extra gallons of fuel. Optional tool box is available and is sold separately.