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New TRAX 4™ App and Operating System

Transfer Flow introduces the next generation of our auxiliary fuel tank operating system. TRAX 4 is a computer-controlled, fuel management system that transfers fuel from a Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank to a pickup’s main fuel tank. TRAX 4 comes with our auxiliary fuel tank systems, including our auxiliary tank and tool box combos. Based on the capacity of a pickup’s main fuel tank and the capacity of the Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank, the TRAX 4 system will transfer fuel at pre-determined levels while the vehicle is in operation. 

Want to know the status of your on-board fuel systems? Simply download the TRAX 4 app to your smartphone and enter your vehicle and fuel system information. In no time, you’ll be able to monitor your pickup’s fuel capacity! During fuel transfer, the message “PUMP ON” will be displayed. You also have the option of displaying either the gallons or the percentage of fuel in each tank. The app is available for Apple IOS and Android.

TRAX 4™ comes with a manual fuel transfer button. You can use the button to manually transfer fuel. When the button is pressed, and the main tank is below 85%, the pump will turn on for a five-minute cycle or until the main tank’s fuel capacity is at 85% or above. As a safety feature to prevent overfilling, the button will not do anything when the main tank is over 85%. Pressing the button again will turn off the pump. The red light around the button indicates when the fuel pump is on, and fuel is being transferred

If you prefer not to use our TRAX 4 app with your auxiliary tank but still want to know how much fuel you have, Transfer Flow offers an in-cab fuel level monitor LCD. The LCD shows the fuel level of the auxiliary tank with an easy-to-read bar graph that decreases when fuel is transferred to the pickup’s main fuel tank. This item is sold separately.

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