Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Transfer Flow fuel tank in conjunction with another aftermarket tank manufacturer's fuel tank?

NO! Transfer Flow fuel tanks are NEVER to be used in conjunction with fuel tanks made by other aftermarket fuel tank manufacturers.

Since Transfer Flow fuel tanks are made of steel, is there risk of the interior of the tanks coming apart like the OEM tanks that were problematic for Ford owners?

Good question! Ford did have an issue with some of their tanks, related to “delamination”. Delamination means the layers of materials separate: the liner inside the factory fuel tanks “peeled off” in flakes and clogged the fuel filter. Ford has corrected the problem. According to Todd LaPant, Engineering Manager of Transfer Flow’s engineering team, there has NEVER been an issue with aluminum delamination in Transfer Flow fuel tanks. Customers do not need to downgrade to plastic fuel containers – which have potential for deformity and sun damage over time - for fear of delamination. The manufacturing process and materials at Transfer Flow eliminate risk of delamination. You can purchase a rugged steel fuel system from Transfer Flow and know it will maintain its shape, strength and integrity for many years to come. In fact, many customers report their truck wears out before their fuel system does – and they move the fuel tank to the new vehicle.

Are your in-bed auxiliary tanks gravity feed systems?

Transfer Flow auxiliary tanks are NOT gravity fed. A competitor’s gravity feed fuel system may be easier to build and cheaper to buy, but does that mean it’s the smart choice? Due to safety, environmental, and legal concerns, Transfer flow engineers will not endorse, promote, design, install, or sell gravity feed fuel systems. On gravity feed systems, if the valves, connectors, or fuel lines have any malfunctions there is nothing to stop fuel from overfilling the OEM tank and leaking all over the road. Transfer Flow tanks are NEVER to be used in conjunction with gravity feed fuel systems.

Transfer Flow fuel tanks are NEVER to be used in conjunction with fuel tanks made by other tank manufacturers. Our tanks are only compatible with your stock OEM tank or Transfer Flow replacement tank.

What are your fuel tanks made from?

Transfer Flow replacement tanks are made from 12 and 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior rust resistance and strength, while our in-bed auxiliary tanks are made from 1/8” aluminum diamond plate or 14-gauge aluminized steel. Transfer Flow's DOT legal refueling tanks are manufactured from 12-gauge aluminized steel.

What is aluminized steel?

Aluminized steel is steel that has been electroplated with aluminum at the steel manufacturers. By electroplating the steel with aluminum, it acts as a corrosion resistant material. It’s the same material we have used for over 35 years for our aftermarket and OEM fuel tanks!

How hard are your tanks to install?

We recommend if you are installing a fuel tank yourself that you have excellent mechanical abilities. If you're looking for a company to install one of our fuel tanks, we have a list of over 300 companies that install our fuel tank systems throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Can I order a tank online?

Yes, our tanks are available to order online. In fact, occasionally we have special discounts for ordering online. Press here for our Factory Specials page.

Do Transfer Flow replacement tanks use straps?

Just like your stock OEM tank, we use straps to mount to the frame. Our tanks are never mounted directly to the frame rail!

Are your tanks baffled for extra support and durability?

Yes, all our tanks have baffles for extra support, durability, and to help reduce fuel slosh.

Do your tanks come with a warranty?

Our tanks come with a 6 year, unlimited mile warranty. Press here for our warranty information.

How will the larger replacement tank affect the truck’s trip computer?

Most of the functions will still work, except the miles-to-empty feature. It will read as though you have the stock tank still installed.

Will my stock fuel gauge read properly with your replacement tank?

Yes, your stock fuel gauge will read accurately when our larger tank is installed on your vehicle, so when you gauge reads 1/2 tank, you have approximately 1/2 tank of fuel.

Do your refueling tanks meet DOT regulations?

Our refueling tanks come with a special permit from the Department of Transportation. They are legal to carry gasoline, diesel, methanol, and kerosene.

Can I get parts for my non-TFI tank?

We do not sell parts for tanks made by other tank manufacturers because we do not know the legality of other tank manufacturers.

Do you have a tank installer near me?

We have over 300 fuel tank installers in the US and Canada! These companies have to pass our strict qualifications prior to being placed on our Fuel Tank Installer List! We can also install your tank at our facility in Chico, California.

How many years have you been in business?

Our family owned and operated company has been in business for over 35 years.

Can I download a copy of your TRAX-II™, Express-UFS™, or MaxFlo-TFI™ User Guide from your website?

Yes, you can download PDF files of our TRAX-II™, Express-UFS™, or MaxFlo-TFI™ User Guides from our website. For the downloads page on our website, press here.

Do you have a 24/7 emergency phone number?

For after hours emergencies, please call 800-442-0056 ext. 9, or (530) 893-5209, ext. 9. Please call for technical emergencies only.

Where are your tanks manufactured?

Transfer Flow fuel tanks are made in the U.S.A. at our Chico, California facility!

What is the difference between your Trax-II and MaxFlo-TFI operating systems?

The main difference between TRAX-II ™ and MaxFlo-TFI™ auxiliary tank operating systems is that the TRAX-II™ operating system comes with a dash-mounted LCD display that displays the gallons in the main tank, the gallons in the auxiliary tank, and the total gallons on board the vehicle. It will also display when fuel is being transferred from the auxiliary tank to the main tank. Our MaxFlo-TFI™ system functions in a similar way does not come with an LCD display. For information on TRAX-II™, press here. For information on MaxFlo-TFI™, press here.

Do you sell complete fuel tank systems so I don't have to locate other parts?

Yes, Transfer Flow sells complete fuel tank systems! All the parts and components, including straps, mounting hardware, bolts, etc., are included with our fuel tank systems!

Will I void my vehicle's warranty if I install one of your fuel tanks?

NO! The Magnuson-Moss Warranty – Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act of 1975 protects consumers from such fraudulent activity by new car dealers. Under this Act, aftermarket equipment that improves performance does not void a vehicle manufacturer’s original warranty, unless the warranty clearly states the addition of aftermarket equipment automatically voids your vehicle’s warranty or if it can be proven that the aftermarket device is the direct cause of the failure. The easiest way to check this is to look in your owner’s manual under, “what is not covered”. Under Magnusson-Moss Act a dealer must prove, not just vocalize, that aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before they can deny warranty coverage. If they cannot prove such a claim or offer an explanation, it is your legal right to demand compliance with the warranty. The Federal Trade Commission (202 326-3128) administers the Magnusson-Moss Act and monitors compliance with warranty law.

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