Killem Biocide


Killem Biocide

Fuel Type: Diesel
Killem Biocide Part # 070CH33291
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Product Description

Did you know there are no microbial standards for diesel fuels? The quality of low sulfur diesel and biodiesel blends can vary dramatically from one station to the next, which means more opportunity for bacteria and fungi growth in your diesel fuel and slime build up on your fuel filters. This aggravating bacteria is a problem for anyone with a diesel engine as the bacteria will grow and promote corrosion in any tank, not just aftermarket tank systems.

But don’t worry, we can help you avoid those costly fuel system failures with Killem biocide. Killem is an EPA-approved biocide that kills bacteria on contact and sanitizes your entire fuel tank. Add a bottle of Killem to your order today and keep that nasty build up away!

  • Kills bacteria in diesel fuel on contact
  • Helps sanitize your entire fuel tank
  • Reduces tank corrosion, slime mates, and odors
  • €Approved for use in California
  • €Most concentrated EPA registered biocide for fuels on the market
  • €16 ounces is good for 1280 gallons of diesel fuel

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