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Your F-150 Has Met Its Match

08/30/2019 Product Features


Crafted for structural integrity and optimum capacity, Transfer Flow’s 50-gallon F-150 replacement tank is just the upgrade your truck needs for adventuring further. We engineered a replacement fuel tank that compliments Ford’s versatility, performance, and reliability. Combining our knowledge of fuel systems, emissions standards, and durability, Transfer Flow’s newest high-capacity replacement tank meets the challenge.  


The F-150’s platform seamlessly performs for a wide range of uses. From work truck to weekend warrior, daily driving to thrill seeker, the F-150 was built with everyone in mind. The new 50-gallon gas F-150 replacement tank was too. With this premier upgrade, your F-150 will nearly double in range. Replacing your 26-gallon stock tank (36 gallons in some models) with 50 gallons will keep your mind off the gauge, leaving you with more time and energy for what matters to you. Finish a work contract, take your weekend vacation to the cabin, and chauffeur the kids from practice to play date, all without having to stop for fuel. 


Engineered to ensure performance on and off road, this high-capacity replacement tank adheres to Transfer Flow's strict standards. For the 50-gallon F-150 replacement tank, the standards require maintaining a precise break-over angle, meeting a vapor space percentage, and passing stringent leak-detection testing. The straps are designed with strength and safety in 
mind and backed by our 6-year unlimited mile warranty. 


Each new Transfer Flow product goes through many rounds of prototyping and testing, and the F-150 50-gallon replacement tank is no different. We don’t put a tank in the field without testing it to meet Transfer Flow’s premier quality standards. Built from 
12-gauge ReliaSteel, this tank will stand up to rugged use with the proper maintenance. If you live in snowy or coastal conditions, we recommended opting for the spray-on textured coating to increase your tank's longevity in harsh weather. For temperate environments and light use, our corrosion-resistant powder coat will keep your steel wrapped in a smooth layer of protection for years to come.  


Boasting 36 years in the business, we stand by our Made-In-The-USA fuel tanks and always will. Give us a call today to learn more about our newest edition to the Replacement Fuel Tank line up!