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Ultimate Linings: Spray-on Textured Coating

06/12/2019 Product Features


For customers wanting an additional layer of durability, we offer a high-pressure textured coating upgrade on all our fuel tank systems. The coating is a bedlining material that has been field-proven to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy use. The high-pressure liner is engineered to create an impenetrable barrier that is easy to clean, flexible, and long-lasting, preserving your Transfer Flow investment for the long haul.

What brand does Transfer Flow use?

Our spray-on coating is a high-pressure Xtreme Liner from Ultimate Linings. Trusted by OEMs such as Ford Motor Co., Ultimate Linings provides the finest quality chemical compositions and state-of-the-art application techniques. The high-pressure coating has successfully passed OEM testing and is proven to protect against abrasion, corrosion, slipping, and vibration.

Why put it on Transfer Flow tanks?

Did you know Transfer Flow fuel tanks can be found on six of the seven continents? It’s safe to say our fuel tank systems see the full spectrum of environmental conditions and we want to make sure your investment is covered even in the harshest situations. We suggest the liner coating to customers who live in snowy areas where sand and other anti-freezing compositions are sprayed on the road. Many customers simply prefer the sleek look and feel of the textured coat on our in-bed auxiliary or refueling tanks, especially if the truck bed already has a spray-on bedliner.

What is the application process?

Each of our technicians have completed hands-on training with a professional Ultimate Linings trainer. They are well-versed in the proper techniques for applying the Xtreme Liner to truck beds, fuel tanks, and more. The application process involves thorough sanding and prepping of the surface before applying the water-tight, monolithic coating in several layers for an extra durability.

In the market to have your truck bedlined?

We do that too! Using the same high-pressure Ultimate Linings material, we offer bedlining services at our headquarters in Chico, California. Give our Fuel System Experts a call to schedule your appointment at (800) 442-0056.