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Worry-Free TRAX 3™ Technology

03/21/2019 Product Features

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No hassle with Transfer Flow's patented TRAX 3™ technology!

Our engineers have developed a patented computer-controlled system for Transfer Flow in-bed auxiliary fuel tanks that automatically transfers fuel into the main tank at predetermined levels using our AutoTrans® capabilities.

The TRAX 3™ computer module is programmed for your specific truck and auxiliary tank model in order to manage fuel levels and transfer fuel. Each system comes with a LCD monitor to provide information on fuel levels in each tank and the operational status of the system.


Every component needed for installation, including:


  • TRAX 3™ in-cab LCD with RAM suction cup mounting bracket
  • TRAX 3™ computer module (vehicle-specific programming)
  • Calibrated sending unit and mounting gasket
  • Custom wiring harness with fuse connectors
  • 6 PSI pump with filter and replacement filter
  • Rubber stripping to pad tank in truck bed
  • T-connector for flow into OEM filler neck
  • Fresh air vent valve and hose
  • Mounting hardware



Learn More About Transfer Flow's TRAX 3™ System & Operation




Gravity-Fed Systems are Unsafe & Unlawful

Due to safety, environmental, and legal concerns, Transfer Flow does not endorse, design, install, or sell gravity-fed systems because of their inherent risks. With gravity-fed systems, if the valve, connectors, or fuel line malfunction (or you simply forget to close the valve), there's nothing to prevent over-filling the fuel tank and causing dangerous fuel spills. By installing a gravity-fed system, you are disabling the safety features of your vehicle's fuel system. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are NEVER to be used in conjunction with gravity-fed systems.