"Transfer Flow fuel tank systems are the industry leader because they offer the highest quality products, a wide variety of applications, and great factory support. Keep up the great work, and we look forward to dealing with you for the next 25 years!"

Matt Feldermann - OK Auto, 4WD & Tire

"We sell and install Transfer Flow fuel tank systems because we have come to know and respect Transfer Flow name as one we can trust. Our customers depend on us to provide them with reliable products and service and with the Transfer Flow aftermarket fuel system we know we can deliver. At Tom's 4 Wheel Drive, Inc. we rely on our customer feedback to help us determine which products meet their expectations. With Transfer Flow fuel systems, we are confident our customers will receive one of the finest aftermarket fuel systems in the industry."

Terry Hines - Tom's 4 Wheel Drive, Inc.

"We sell and install Transfer Flow fuel tank systems because we only install the best. Transfer Flow has very reliable, long-lasting, ridiculously good-looking tanks. We have sold hundreds of these tanks over the years. We have never had to replace a Transfer Flow tank for a defect in workmanship. The tanks arrived on schedule in excellent condition, the installations went smoothly and every tank fit properly with all the correct accompanying hardware. And the customers love them. As an aside, we have developed a great relationship with our salesman, Rocky. He is quick to see to our every need."

Doug Lewis - Ford Performance Specialists

"Our customers rely on us to help them choose the best possible equipment to meet very challenging applications. Transfer Flow has the dedication to quality and excellence we look for from a vendor, helping us fulfill our customer's needs."

Chad Werkhoven - Valley Truck

"We enjoy a cost effective and safe way to transport additional fuel for business or recreational purposes. At Mastercraft Truck Equipment, we pride ourselves on continuing to provide our customers with superior products and services. Our customers tell us they love the fact that they never see the same vehicle on the road during their trips because they are passing by the fill up stations, while everyone else is stopping to fuel up."

Dave Goddard - Mastercraft Truck Equipment

"We feel they are of the highest quality, they are the best built, along with fitting of installation ease, all holes are where they belong. They also have the best installation instructions to follow when installation is done. We feel they help with any problems that may arise and don't' try to push off if there is anything that shows up in installing."

Mike Tesch - Tank Renu of Minnesota

"The Transfer Flow tanks are the best fitting tanks that we have ever sold and we've installed tanks here since 1967. Not only do they fit, but the instructions are professionally done so we don't have to call the factory, all we have to do is read. Besides the above, our customers love the product once it's installed. We also appreciate all of the advertising that TFI does as we get referrals from the factory which we like."

Bodie Catlin - William Catlin & Son

"I have installed other brands years ago and the quality just does not compare. I like quality products. I have been with Transfer Flow approximately 10 years now and will not install any other systems. Yes, Transfer Flow cost more money, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and that is so true. I have put in over 100 tank systems with only 4 or 5 minor problems resolved with a phone call. Keep up the good work, Transfer Flow."

Russell Wood - Woody's Auto Repair & Towing

"They are the best! Enough said!"

C.J. Paterniti - D & S Automotive

"You can shop price with more capacity and you can pick fill stations that are less congested and that are easier to manuver big trailers. Also, going into Canada fuel prices are much higher. I personally can fill up before Canada and return without buying fuel in Canada."

Edward Meiter - Meiter Specialty Sales

"We exclusively sell Transfer Flow because their ease of installation, their service after the sale and because they are completely D.O.T. approved. After being in business for 20 years, you learn the difference between a great product and a mediocre one. When a customer has a tank installed on their truck and they come back again for another tank on their new truck, you know it’s a great product. Transfer Flow’s dedication to quality assures us we won’t have comebacks due to faulty product."

Zach Otto - Master Hitch

We sell and install Transfer Flow fuel tank systems because:

  1. The quality of the product
  2. Ease of installation and use
  3. D.O.T. approval
  4. Customer service

Mike Warthan - Strictly Diesel

"They are a good quality tank that suits our customer’s needs. They’re convenient, durable and look great! Not one tank has come back for warranty here at Caytec Equipment!"

Charn Narang - Caytec Equipment Ltd.

"The Transfer Flow fuel tank systems have been an excellent product for us to sell and install. The tanks are well built, reliable and long lasting. The installation process has been straightforward and trouble-free. The shipments are timely and we have always received the correct parts. Moreover, our customers have been very satisfied with the products."

Jon Wickham - Jon Wickham & Associates

We sell and install Transfer Flow fuel tank systems because:

  1. Quality of equipment and parts
  2. Ease of installation
  3. Availability of tanks and parts for the various model trucks
  4. Knowledgeable sales and service staff

John Hawkins - H & H Sales Co, Inc.

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