The Next Generation of TRAX is Here!

Introducing Transfer Flow's TRAX 3™
Fuel Monitoring System

TRAX 3™ LCD Display

With TRAX 3™, you'll always know the percentage of fuel in your Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank and main fuel tank; planning your fuel ups is easier than ever!

The next generation of our TRAX auxiliary fuel tank operating system is here! TRAX 3™ is our computer controlled, self-diagnosing fuel monitoring system that transfers fuel from your Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank to your main fuel tank. The TRAX 3™ computer module constantly monitors fuel levels in both tanks for your peace of mind.

Based on the capacity of your vehicle's main fuel tank and the capacity of the Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank, the TRAX 3™ system will transfer fuel at pre-determined fuel levels while the vehicle is in operation. The fuel capacity in the main tank and auxiliary tank will decrease at similar rates. The LCD will display the fuel level percentages in each tank and the operational status of the fuel system.

When the fuel system is transferring fuel, the message "PUMP ON" will be displayed on he dash mounted LCD. When the system is not transferring fuel, the message, "SYS OK" will be displayed on the LCD. It's that simple and fully automatic! TRAX 3™ is included with our in-bed auxiliary fuel tanks, toolbox and auxiliary fuel tank combos, and our Ford cab chassis midship auxiliary fuel tanks.

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