TRAX-II™ Operating System

Includes a Dash-mounted LCD Display! Now You'll Always Know How Much Fuel You Have!

TRAX-II is our computer controlled, self diagnostic auxiliary fuel system. TRAX-II consists of an auxiliary fuel tank, an in-line pump, an auxiliary sending unit, a wire harness, an installation kit, and a dash mounted LCD computer module.

TRAX-II balances the fuel flow between tanks. The computer regularly determines the fuel levels of the main and auxiliary tanks, and the status of the vehicle¹s fuel system. Based on the calibrations for your vehicle and the auxiliary fuel tank size, the TRAX-II module is programmed to transfer fuel at designated fuel levels. When necessary, the Trax-II module will turn on the auxiliary fuel pump and transfer fuel to the main tank. The message, "PUMP ON" will be displayed on the dash- mounted LCD during fuel transfer.

With the automated TRAX-II system, there¹s no need for a toggle switch between fuel tanks. The TRAX-II module does the transferring of fuel for you!

TRAX-II is available for the following make and model year trucks:

  • Dodge Ram diesel: 1999 – 2013
  • Dodge Ram gas (non OBD-II): 1999 – 2004
  • Ford diesel: 1999-2013
  • Ford gas (non OBD-II): 1999 – 2004
  • GM diesel: 2001 – 2013
  • GM gas (non OBD-II): 2001 - 2003
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