Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combos

It’s the all-in-one fuel tank and storage space!

toolbox tank

Transfer Flow's toolbox and fuel tank systems are available in 30, 40, 50 and our NEW 70 gallons, and are available for Dodge Ram, Ford and GM diesel pickups! They’re the all-in-one auxiliary fuel tank and storage box! The toolbox fuel tank is computer controlled, and the fuel transfer process is entirely automatic by our TRAX 3™ operating system! The TRAX 3™ operating system comes with a dash-mounted LCD that show the percentage of fuel in the main and auxiliary tanks. The LCD screen will also show you when the fuel transfer is occurring.

The 30 and 50 gallon toolbox and fuel tank combos are made from bright aluminum diamond plate, while the 40 and 70 gallon unit is made from aluminized steel and is powder coated black (the lid on the 70 gallon combo comes standard with a diamond plate lid). They come with all components needed for installation (some pickups require a fillneck kit or tee). Our toolbox and fuel tank combos are fully baffled to prevent fuel slosh, and should not interfere with most standard in-bed hitches. The locking storage compartment will keep your every day work tools, RV supplies, or hunting equipment safe and secure!

40 gallon fuel tank combo
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40 Gallon Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combo

Our 40 gallon toolbox and fuel tank combo is made from 14-gauge, black powder-coated aluminized steel. The fuel fillneck is located inside the locking storage compartment so both tools and fuel can be secured with the turn of a key. It has over 6 cubic feet of storage space! It fits short bed and long bed pickups.

50 gallon fuel tank combo
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50 Gallon Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combo

Our 50 gallon fuel tank is constructed of 14-gauge aluminized steel and is mounted inside the shell of the bright aluminum diamond plate toolbox. The fuel fill access is on the driver’s side on the front of the toolbox. The locking storage compartment has over 9 cubic feet of storage space! It fits long bed pickups only.

70 Gallon 'Custom Fit'
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NEW!70 Gallon "Custom Fit"
Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combo

Our 70 gallon fuel tank is a custom fit, over-the-rail toolbox and fuel tank combo! The adjustable toolbox allows you to raise or lower the toolbox to fit the depth of your truck bed. The locking storage compartment can increase from 5 1/2 cubic feet of storage space to an impressive 8 1/2 cubic feet! It's made from powder coated black 14-gauge aluminized steel and comes standard with a diamond plate lid. Fits both short and long bed full-size diesel pickups!
*Patent pending design

Features and Benefits

  • Operates with Transfer Flow’s patented TRAX 3™ operating system
  • Made from aluminized steel or aluminum diamond plate steel for superior rust resistance and strength.
  • Toolbox has stainless steel locking paddle handles.
  • Gas-filled shocks for easy opening and closing.
  • Tanks are baffled to reduce fuel slosh.
  • 70 gallon toolbox tank sits on top of bed rail
  • 30 and 50 gallon unit's storage area area is 8 3/4" deep
  • 40 gallon unit's storage area is 9 3/4" deep
  • 70 gallon unit's storage area can range from 9 1/2" deep to 13 1/2" deep
  • 6 year/unlimited mile warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA!

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