Toolbox Refueling Tank Combos

Refuel Wherever and Whenever Manually Fill Your Fuel Tank or Other Equipment

toolbox refueling tank Transfer Flow has introduced 30, and 40 gallon toolbox and refueling tank combos - great for manually filling your fuel tank as well as filling other vehicles or equipment. The 30 and 40-gallon units will fit short and long bed pickups.

Transfer Flow's refueling tanks come with a Department of Transportation Special Permit Number, allowing them to carry gasoline, diesel, gasohol, and kerosene fuels.

The toolbox and refueling tank combos come pre-assembled with a 12-volt pump located inside the locking storage compartment. The fuel nozzle is mounted on the outside of the toolbox, and comes with an 12-foot hose. The storage compartment of the 30-gallon unit has about five cubic feet of space, and the 40-gallon units has about six cubit feet of storage space. The tanks are made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior rust resistance and strength. The shell of the 30 gallon unit is aluminum diamond plate. The 40-gallon unit is made entirely of 14-gauge aluminized steel which is powder coated black. The tanks are baffled to reduce fuel sloshing.

An optional riser kit is available that allows you store several sheets of plywood or sheetrock under the tank. Comes with a 60,000 mile/3 year limited warranty.

Features and Benefits

  • Department of Transportation (DOT) approved for gas, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel and more
  • Complete system includes refueling tank, 12 volt pump, 12 foot hose and nozzle, mounting hardware, fuel cap and wiring harness
  • 30 gallon toolbox and refueling tank combo available in aluminum diamond plate
  • 40 gallon toolbox and refueling tank combo available in aluminized steel and is powder coated black
  • Fuel tanks are baffled to reduce fuel sloshing
  • Equipped with Locking paddles handles
  • Gas filled shocks for easy opening and closing
  • Matches bed rail height on most full-size pickups
  • Fillneck is located inside locking storage compartment of 40 gallon toolbox refueling tanks
  • Fillneck is recessed on the front of the 30 gallon aluminum diamond plate toolbox refueling tank
  • 30 and 40 gallon units fit short and long bed pickups
  • Fuel pump is rated at 8 gallons per minute
  • Optional Riser Kit raises toolbox almost 4" off the bed to allow for storage of plywood, sheetrock, etc. underneath toolbox and fuel tank combo
  • Comes with Transfer Flow's 3 year/60,000 mile limited warranty
  • Over 300 authorized fuel tank installers
  • Proudly made in the USA!
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