Aftermarket Fuel Tank Systems

Spend less time stopping to fuel up and more time on the road! With a safe, durable, and LEGAL fuel tank system from Transfer Flow, you'll enjoy increased fuel capacity and driving range.

  • Drive further and save money! You'll bypass those expensive fuel stations when you have a larger replacement fuel tank, in-bed auxiliary tank, or toolbox and fuel tank combo installed on your pickup!
  • Want to drive even further? Pair a midship replacement and in-bed tank for up to 150 gallons of capacity!
  • Need to refuel other vehicles? An in-bed refueling tank can give you up to 109 gallons of extra fuel to refuel your pick-up or other vehicles, farm equipment, or marine and land toys.
  • Do it all with two fuel options in one system! Choose the 50/50 split refueler to carry both gas and diesel fuel.
  • Up, up, and away! Choose an in-bed refueling tank with optional aviation-approved pump.

Today's Fuel Systems Require Exceptional Technology

Dumbed-down gravity-fed fuel systems have been controversial since the first guy ran a hose from a 55 gallon drum sitting in his truck bed to his main tank. That worked fine in old work trucks carrying nothing by loads of wood. Times have changed. These days, people pay more for their pick-ups than they may have paid for their first homes. It pays to go with an aftermarket fuel system that's been designed by a team of engineers. Our fuel tanks meet strict regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation and the California Air Resources Board. More importantly, our fuel tanks have been approved by RVers, rodeo teams, farmers, race teams, truck drivers and retirees who are still loving life's adventures on the open road!

Made in the U.S.A. Quality Manufacturing

made in the usa

When you purchase a Transfer Flow fuel tank system, you are working with the same supplier used by Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and the Chrysler Corporation. You get what you pay for! You will not find plastic fuel containers or cheap connectors in any of our kits! From the rugged tank materials to the quality components, you are purchasing the highest-quality fuel system in the aftermarket industry.

There's an Installer Near you

With more than 325 qualified fuel tank installers throughout the Unites States and Canada, most customers have access to professional installation services. Our network of installers undergo thorough screening and have demonstrated the ability to install multiple fuel systems from each of our main product lines. For a listing of installers in your area, click here. Are you the Do-it-yourself type? No problem! The installation process is outlined for you in our easy-to-read installation instructions. Live technical support is also available by calling our toll-free telephone number.

We're Your Source for Legal Fuel Tanks

For over 30 years, our fuel tanks have successfully fueled vehicles around the world, and are consistently the fuel tank choice for fleet vehicles from some of our nation's largest companies. As the owner of one of our fuel tank systems, you can drive with confidence ­ your system will be durable, legal, and meet all safety standards for the automotive and RV industries.

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